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Panzer Beats – Feeback

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

What a heap of fun. I suddenly realised how much I miss DJing. Disappointing turn out, but not really surprising given the current state of the scene and the general apathy of some. It would appear I have been royally slagged by Siddis on DarkSide for my choice of music and having a monster ego. While not naming any names, it’s fairly obvious who “synthbot” alludes to. Apologies for providing some variety Sid. I was not under the impression that this was a ever exclusively a noise party.

Panzer Beats

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

My first DJ gig for the year (and probably the last too) will be at Gotham on Friday 10th of November. It’s a tribute to Johann Collins, who took his own life on 25 October 2005. Alphamanbeast will be here for the occasion. I’m in a bit of an old school mood so I think I will be squeezing in some industrial classics here and there. I’ve also got some new tunes that need to be cranked on a big system 🙂

You can check out the flyer and read up on the buzz at DarkSide.

Oontz! Oontz! Oontz!

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

I have been meaning to do a music post for a while now and finally its here. I have recently acquired Mesh “We Collide” and “My Hands Are Tied / Petrified”. Both albums are absolutely amazing. The more I listen to them the more elements I find that make for enjoyable listening. It is still very much follows the struggles of love theme Mesh has been famous for over the years, however the sound is more upbeat and the are lyrics strong and well written. Songs like Crash and remixes of Petrified should get some decent club play. No Place Like Home is a haunting tune and beautifully written. The cover of Document, originally by Assemblage 23, holds it own. I can highly recommend both these albums.

And One is another band that has been around for years. I happened across their latest single “Military Fashion Show”, and was really impressed with the pumpy sound and sometimes tongue in cheek lyrics. It makes for blissful SynthPop and is receiving some solid play in my car! They have also release a series for singles for “So Klingt Liebe” which, amongst others, features a number of live renditions of some of their older hits. It is a perfect teaser leading up to the release of “Bodypop”, which should be on the shelves shortly. This is on my shopping list.

So now for the disappointments. The new VAC, not surprisingly, is terrible. It’s all dreary dark electronic soundscapes, with faint raspy vocals. The upbeat yet twisted days of “Fun With Knives” is long forgotten. I doubt they can pull of such a brilliant album ever again. I don’t think I’ll file the new Delerium under bad, but the problem is its not great either. It’s the kind of album you hope will be really cool, and then all it does is disappoint you. I suspect it is a case of trying to get the very last drop of money out of a tired formula.