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OSX Remote Desktop Client Fails With ‘404 not found’

Friday, July 18th, 2014

I recently had a strange issue with the OSX version of Remote Desktop Client connecting to a RDWeb server over the internet. The client kept reporting “The gateway failed to connect with message 404 not found”. Digging into the logs under the about box I found the following:

[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): —– BEGIN ACTIVE CONNECTION —–
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): client version: 8.0.24875
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolConnectingNetwork(1)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): correlation id: ec36d635-6a34-ba40-9e8a-76ac60330000
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): Resolved ‘’ to ‘x.x.x.x’ using NameResolveMethod_DNS(1)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:53] RDP (0): Resolved ‘’ to ‘x.x.x.x’ using NameResolveMethod_DNS(1)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): HTTP RPC_IN_DATA connection redirected from to
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): HTTP RPC_OUT_DATA connection redirected from to
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Resolved ‘’ to ‘x.x.x.x’ using NameResolveMethod_DNS(1)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Resolved ‘’ to ‘x.x.x.x’ using NameResolveMethod_DNS(1)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Exception caught: Exception in file ‘../../librdp/private/httpendpoint.cpp’ at line 217
User Message : The gateway failed to connect with the message: 404 Not Found
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Exception caught: Exception in file ‘../../librdp/private/httpendpoint.cpp’ at line 217
User Message : The gateway failed to connect with the message: 404 Not Found
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolDisconnecting(7)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): Protocol state changed to: ProtocolDisconnected(8)
[2014-Jul-18 11:23:54] RDP (0): —— END ACTIVE CONNECTION ——

Which was equally useless.

Some digging around on google landed me on a MSDN blog post. Reading through the comments on page 2 (you know sometimes there is useful stuff!) someone mentioned the same error and that the redirection in IIS was to blame. Sure enough I had setup a redirect from the Default Web Site to point at the RDWeb location to make things easier for the users. Disabling the redirect fixed the problem. I then did some additional testing and enabling the redirect and selecting “Only redirect requests to content in this directory (not subdirectories)” allowed me to retain the redirect and allow the OSX RDP client to work.

IIS Redirect Settings



Cutty Sark

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Today was Tom’s birthday so he took a day off and we went through to see the Cutty Sark. It was a really surprising experience due to the way they had preserved the ship. They built a dry dock around it and suspended it in mid air so you can walk underneath it as well as through the decks. The information points inside were, ah, informative and they had plenty of items you could pickup and touch rather than just stare at through glass.

We had lunch afterward and then set off to meet Nicola, Richard and Nicolene in Leicester square for an early dinner. We killed some time beforehand in Waterstone’s. Bookstores here are just in a different league.

It was really great to catchup again with old friends. Pity that Renier couldn’t make it due to work commitments 🙁


Bastei & Königstein

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

This morning was another early start. We were looking forward to fresh treats from the bakery, but discovered to our dismay that they were closed on Mondays (huh?). So we made do with leftovers and got out the house a little earlier so we could pop in at the bakery next to our bus stop. They were open so we got some sandwiches and some pastries for the road.

We met up with the gang at the train station and traveled to Bastei. Bastei was an absolute treat, towering rock formations surrounded by tall trees and almost 360 degree views. We had a nice easy walk through the formations and trees down to the Elbe river where we crossed by cable ferry to Rathen. From Rathen we caught a train to Königstein where we stopped for lunch before heading up the hill to the Königstein fortress. Unfortunately when we got there it started raining, which put a bit of a damper on scenic photography, but we made do with walking around between the inner building exhibitions and when there was a small gap in the rain we headed to the wall to grab some pictures. It’s really hard to describe the sheer size of the place and the views from up top. I can only recommend you take the opportunity to see both Bastei and Königstein if it presents itself (you need a day for both).

Tonight we pack for the trip back to Prague. We’ve got some options for city tours lined up and will see what falls into place when we get there.

To my horror I discovered tonight that the return train ticket from Germany to Prague is for the 5th and not the 3rd of September. Because the first leg has been used the ticket is non-refundable or exchangeable, so we will have to purchase new tickets. Scheiße!






Happy Spring!

Sunday, September 1st, 2013

It’s spring in South Africa and autumn in Germany. Who would have though?



Table Mountain, Cape Town







Captcha Fixed

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

I have fixed my comments captcha. So comment away if you have something to say 🙂

Fun In The Sun

Friday, October 26th, 2007

We drove up to Mossel bay on Wednesday for a nice long weekend. On the way here we stopped at Rooiberg for some wine tasting. We also hit a small speedbump in Robertson called Klipdrift. I have been wanting to stop at the distillery for a while now and we had some time to kill. I was really impressed with the setup and the guy who presented the tasting was really nice. I bought a bottle of Klipdrift Gold (yum). They do regular tours of the distillery to demonstrate the production process, so we will have to pop in again sometime 🙂

Yesterday we drove out to Wilderness for lunch at Pomodoro. I had a lovely bacon and Gorgonzola pasta and a bit of a tan outside in the sun. I also managed to find some honey comb which I have been craving for about 3 years now but have been unable to find (horaay!).

Today we woke up to a windless summer day. After a bit of shopping for this evenings braai we went down to the water park on Diaz beach. We spent about an hour on all the rides and had heaps of fun. After that we went to go and chill in the Jacuzzi and took a long swim in the heated indoor pool.

Being on holiday rocks!

Home sweet home

Friday, January 12th, 2007

We are back! Flights were uneventful (thank goodness) we did however manage to get squeezed in between two screaming kiddies on our first flight. Salomé also had some problems equalizing on the decent which was rather unpleasant.

Customs let us pass straight through, horaay!

The duty free rip-off

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I just took a quick walk through the Virgin store. All the items that have =
been marked down in their normal stores are being sold at the full price =
(minus the tax of course). I did spot one item that was cheaper, but on the =
whole it doesn’t seem worth shopping at duty free stores.

London Sightseeing – Part 2

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Wednesday we spent the morning doing washing and then went to the British =
museum. They have a really excellent Egiptian exibition and we also got to =
see the Rosetta Stone. We then met up with Rob, Henriette and surprise, =
surprise Ryan. We the went to see Sir Sloan’s house. It is an eclectic mix =
of artifacts and antiques. We ended the afternoon with high tea at the =

After a quick stop at Virgin mega store it was back home for dinner.

Thursday it was up early to do some last minuet shopping. We went to =
Harrods, which after shopping ar KaDaWe was more of the same. We then =
popped in at ?Summerfield?. They had a much better electronics section than =
Harrods. Then we went looking for La Senza, the girls managed to find =
something nice :)=20

Back to the appartment for lunch and final packing. The tube ride to =
Heathrow was mildly entertaining when there was a bit of name calling =
between some idiot, who insisted on playing his (c)rap music on the train, =
and some other idiots on one of the platforms.=20

Check in was a breeze. Once again we were overweight (must be all the =
chocoate) but they didn’t give us any grief. Security was a mission. They =
scanned my bag, jacket and my shoes. Salom=C3=A9 got frisked (by a woman). =
It took about 30-40 minutes to get through security. We took a quick walk =
through the duty free shops, but there was nothing interesting.

We are now waiting for our boarding call.

So this is the end of a stunning holiday, which is rather sad. I am however =
missing the comforts of home and my cats 🙂

London sightseeing

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Tuesday we visited the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. The Tate =
Modern was very interesting. They had huge slides ranging from the first to =
the fith floor that you can ride for free. They also had all sorts of =
interactive things for you to do. Their audio guides were also the most =
advanced I have seen. They were Pocket PCs with a map of the museum and =
when you brought up the item it would show you the picture as well. Very =
cool! The modern art made mixed impressions on me, some of it was just =
stupid; a 5m x 5m canvas painted grey. Other things like flags made from =
sand in glass containers interconnected with tubes and then filled with =
ants was very original.

We then headed to our self catering unit in Earl’s Court, which was just an =
absolute pleasure after some of the hotels we’ve stayed in.

In the evening we went to Bond Street to meet some friends for dinner at a =
realy nice Italian restaurant. The food was excellent, pity the is no such =
thing as smoking and non smoking, but aparently that will be changing in =

Nico and Chantelle joined us as well which was great as the arrangements =
were very last minute. It was good to catch up on what everyone had been up =

I think I’m starting to get the hang of the London tube system. Navigating =
the Metro’s and Trams in Europe has helped 🙂