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Back to the Blog Stone!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Welcome back! Yes it has been a while. The run-up to Henriëttes’ departure to the UK consumed a lot of time and the aftermath was spent getting back on track with all the “little things” that had been left undone. We are now the proud owners of two Sphynx cats (we adopted Henriëttes’ babies). They are more than a handful, but they come with an endless supply of cute, so It is futile to get to worked up when they are naughty. Ciara made it onto Die Burger’s website in their photo competition in April. I was quite pleased with myself, they had received over 2000 entries in the first few days and they only posted about 6-8 each day.

I got a nice new Dell Latitude D820 notebook which I am very happy with. I have already had the opportunity to test the next business on-site support and found that Dell were true to their word. My DVD/RW drive started burning coasters. So I mailed them the Saturday, received a reply with a case number on Sunday (remember my warranty is only business days). Monday morning 8:05 I received a call from Dell to confirm where they should courier the drive to. Tuesday morning
8:10 the courier was standing in the reception area with my replacement drive. What an absolute pleasure! So yes buy Dell! They also have a multi-cover option which includes accidental damage and theft, which for me worked out way cheaper than insuring it with my insurer!

We had some good weekends with Donovan and Laurel in Barrydale. They have a really nice wine cellar in the town, I especially enjoyed their pot still 5 year old brandy. We also made a trip up to Mossel Bay to visit Henriëttes’ folks. I got up early one morning and took a walk on the beach. I managed to take some nice pictures.

Good friends of mine Derek and Meg got engaged (about time – who am I to talk). Congratulations, we are looking forward to the wedding day!

Leon (who has been more diligent at maintaining his blog than I) and I spent an afternoon walking around in the Intaka wetlands situated next to Canal Walk (sadly they don’t seem to have their own website). I never realised how big it was! It is literally teaming with bird life, so I can highly recommend that everyone goes to see it. The only thing that is a bit of a joke is that they claim to be an award winning wetland stretching 16 hectares. However the whole Century City area was a massive NATURAL wetland before they drained most of it and started construction. So while you may be doing your bit for the environment you are still hypocrites.

I have a heap of picture to sort and upload so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.

The Last Supper

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Sunday evening we had a final braai with Rob, Henriëtte and Henriëtte’s parents before Rob left for London on Wednesday. The mood was rather dark, but everyone tried to keep a brave face. I kept thinking: this is the last braai in the back yard, the last few drinks together, the last time we’ll all be together (for a while at least). The goodbyes at then end of the night were difficult and emotional.

We went through on Tuesday evening and helped Ron sort out some last minute items before departure early Wednesday morning. It ended up being a classic all nighter, but I managed to catch a hour or two before getting woken up to escort Rob to the airport. I felt a bit like Judas delivering Rob to the Romans (well the English at any rate), but at least I didn’t get paid for it 😛

Check in was painless (Rob’s hand luggage weighed almost as much as his luggage – haha). We watched the sun rise from News Café while having a last drink and a bite to eat. We made some jokes and took pictures of Henriëtte wearing her invisibility cloak (watch Eric the Viking). Then suddenly it was really time for Rob to go. Goodbyes suck and they suck even more when you know it’s pretty much for good. Rob and Henriëtte have been really good friends to us for a long time now and the bonds run deep, having them severed so suddenly is tough.

We wish you both the best in your new life “on the island” and hope to see you again soon!

Wedding Pictures

Friday, March 16th, 2007

I’m trying to catch up on blogging all the items that have flown by in the last month or so…

We got our wedding pictures from Zani sometime in January. They are absolutely stunning, everyone who has seen them has been impressed. The small holding provided such a nice backdrop and Zani really made good work of it. So for those of you needing a photographer we can definitely recommend her 🙂 We also got some great pictures from some of our friends who attended. Thank you all!

Anon, good nurse!

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

We went to Maynardville Open-Air Theatre on Tuesday to see the production of Romeo and Juliet. We met up with Leon, Sylvia, Wicus, Margie and Stephan before the show for a picknick. Leon talked me into trying some sushi, which was actually pretty good 😯. I let them all taste some 99% Lindt, with mixed reactions. LOL. The play was excellent, I did however find myself briefly napping through short bits of it (I blame it on jet lag and lack of sleep).

The first few days of work have been a little disorientating (after a 5 week break) but I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Last night we caught our first glimpse of comet McNaught. What a stunning sight. I called Leon and he was taking pictures out at Big Bay. I’m hoping to catch some pictures myself if the weather clears (yes the rain they have been predicting since Monday finally arrived).

I just updated my WordPress to 2.0.7. It seems there was a rather nasty security flaw and a number of high profile blogs got hacked (fun fun fun).

Oh yes and they have also announced rolling blackouts for the whole of South Africa (grrrr).

Back to the grind stone

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

So its been a wild two days back at home. Saturday we picked up Rob and Henriette from the airport and dropped them at home where I had left my one car. It sounded a bit funny when I started it, after being left standing for a month, but I took it for a bit of a drive and everything is fine again. The rest of Saturday was spent doing washing and sorting out the flat. We also had to do some shopping for food etc. The cats still love us, they did actually appear to be happy to see us and have been very attention seeking.

We opened the wedding presents last night. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts; they are really appreciated. The new kettle came just in time as the old one started leaking again.

Today we went to my parents house for a braai with Salome’s family. We showed them all the pictures we had taken and gave them the presents we had bought for them on the trip. 

I intend to go back and update the posts I made while touring Europe. It will be mostly to fix the formatting introduced by the email client on my phone and to clean up spelling errors. I will however also add more detail if I remember something entertaining and some links to places of interest.

Tomorrow is back to work after 5 weeks of holiday!

Just Married!

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

We got married on Saturday. Everything went well and my bride looked absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to see the pictures taken by Zani.

The two days before the wedding were hectic. There was still a lot of things that had to be finalised as well as some last minute things that had to be done at Meridiana. On Saturday I had to get up at 5am after only getting to bed at 2am (I had a speech to finish). The original plan was that we would leave Rob’s place at 6:30 with the flowergirl to be at Meridiana by 7am. These plans got changed at 4am (unbeknownst to me) because the hair and make-up lady had received notice at 1am for a photo shoot later in the day. So she would now come to Rob’s house for the flower girl after finishing with the Bride and Bridesmaid at Meridiana (she started at 3:45). Unfortunately she only arrived at 7am, by which time I was rather stressed out! Once the flower girl was done and we were on the road to Meridiana the nerves turned into excitement. We arrived just before people started arriving, got dressed quickly and found ourselves with some time to spare to do some mingling before the ceremony (phew).

The ceremony was over pretty quickly (they did warn us) and then it was photo shoot time. After that we sat down for some tea and treats which were divine. The wedding cake was to die for (chocolate!!). My speech was well received and my best man Rob did a great job. Things were about over by 1pm. So we left for Franschhoek were we spent the night in the Franschhoek Inn, which was a stones throw away from our favourite pizza restaurant where we had dinner. After a quick bit of shopping on Sunday morning (we had to stop at the Belgium Chocolate store) we left to go to the Sante Wellness Centre for a day of pampering. Men take your lady and ladies convince your man to take you. It is worth the money. We enjoyed the “spa for two”, which is a really great couple treat and afterwards spent time using the other facilities.

Today is my second last day in South Africa before flying to Europe for almost a month. Today we need to finish the last of the packing and buy some final items. I am so excited!

If all goes well I will be blogging while in Europe, so watch this space.


Saturday, November 4th, 2006

It’s official, we are getting married on 9 December 2006! It all started with a humours discussion about eloping while in Europe. My suggestion of hiring some hot Swedish blondes as brides maids and having the wedding in their native country was vetoed, but then we got serious and decided that it would be really cool to have a European honeymoon. So after consulting with our wedding planner things got rolling at a rapid pace. The bulk of the arrangements were made in two days (wow). We kept the decision top secret and made arrangements to pop by for a quick visit to all the people we were inviting only to surprise them with a wedding invitation :). We took pictures too (this was noted as being unusual by some).

We are both very excited, and really have our work cut out for us to fit in a wedding and the final arrangements for our Europe trip in a mere month and a bit (fun, fun, fun!). Speaking of which, we got our final itinerary last  Saturday, so we can start planning what we want to see at each destination. I will be posting the dates and destinations once I get a chance to type it up.

Catch-up (oh and InCite still suck!)

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Its been a busy few weeks. InCite redeemed themselves and then managed to annoy me again. I don’t have the time for that fight just yet, but it’s coming, be sure of that. They admitted an error in my July account, but have not commented on numerous queries with regards to my June account. I also requested and was promised a revised July account, which I have now also had to follow up on as I have yet to receive it. Their technical team did make a sterling effort to contact me with regards to my internet being down, which deserves some praise. They also sent out a circular (bcc-ed) to say accounts would now be hard-capped at 250MB, which I still need to test 😛 . Incompetent idiots the lot of you!

I have been taking lots of pictures. I burned my first DVD of photos just last week. At some stage I want to select some of the best ones and have them printed. I’m rather paranoid about my photos being in digital format. I burned a second copy which I am storing at work (ala off-site backup). The problem is however that optical media degrades (I have yet to read the entire article) but the short of it is that it really depends on the brand and the “ingredients” used to to produce it, but it should last you a while if you look after it.

Terrible news: Our landlord wants to sell the flat. I now have to deal with one of my pet hates: Estate Agents – aargh! We got the whole “we’ll sell the flat with you in it” story, but I just don’t believe it.

When I have some time I will post some new photos and some additional news. Ah! In two months from now I will be in Europe on Contiki!

Sharks, Streakers and Serious Comedy

Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Thursday was Comedy Festival. We managed to get centre front row seats for the danger zone (oh dear). Fortunately we did not get picked on too much; there were other more unfortunate souls who got that job 🙂 What we did have to endure before the show started was this terrible (c)rap set by DJ Azul. I’m not sure how the organisers read their target market, but very few of us were driving Toyota Corrolas’ with dropped suspensions and neon under lighting. The show kicked of with an intro by Australian Brendon Burns, who played the host for the evening.  First act was Martin Davis, who is an old favourite of mine. The years however seem to have caught up with him and with his current choice of hairstyle he and Iggy Pop could be brothers. Next up was South African John Vlismas. He was excellent and had a really good routine on affirmative action for sharks. Then there was Andrew Lawrence with a song about ripping people’s heads of in the library, which was entertaining, but the innocent shy boy act just didn’t do it for me.

I briefly ran into Martin during the break who scores a fat zero for fan appreciation. He shook my hand and shrugged me off with a “Sorry mate” and carried on walking.

From here on the show declined in enjoyment. The sound effects dude, Reggie Watts, was entertaining, but dull in the end. The Capetonian who replaced Mel Miller (his name long since forgotten), was the best of the second half. Come to think of it, it is rather lame that it was never announced that Mel was no longer in the show, and that new person who replaced him is not mentioned on the site. The last act, Jason Rouse, was crude and generally unfunny. He ended off the show by coming back onto the stage naked and terrorised one of our friends by giving him a hug, so I spanked him on the ass!

Overall I really enjoyed the show. What was very obvious is that South Africa can hold its own when it comes to stand up comedy. I would rate their acts much higher than any of the international performers.

Sad news

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

My Gran passed away suddenly on Sunday evening. You will be missed dearly!