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HP ML110 G6 CPU & RAM Upgrades

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

I recently upgraded some internals in my HP ML110 G6 and thought I’d post some useful details on RAM and CPU combinations. The whole thing started with a refresh of my ZFS NAS. I wanted to move from 4x2TB RAIDZ1 to 6x4TB RAIDZ2. The first thing that was needed was some additional RAM. The recommendation seems to be a minimum of 8GB RAM for ZFS and suggested is 1GB RAM per 1TB usable space. I did have 1 x 2GB HP and 1 x 4GB HP ECC modules spare and found this nice site suggesting that 4 & 8GB Kingston ECC would also work and that you can install up to 32GB (HP specs say max 16GB).

My supplier could no longer get 4GB modules so I ordered 1 x KVR1333D3E9S/8G. Unfortunately when I installed it my system would only see 2GB and then freeze. I checked my CPU specs (Pentium G6950) and it supports max 16GB. Unfortunately it seems it only does that in 4 x 4GB modules. I then managed to locate a Xeon X3430 and it successfully could see all 8GB RAM. I then added the 2 spare HP modules as well for a funny total of 14GB RAM. As this is a home NAS I’m not too worried about perfectly balanced RAM.

Some comments I saw said you needed an add-on graphics card for the Xeon processor, but this is not the case. I simply removed the Pentium and added the Xeon (with some new thermal grease of course) and it all worked. The PSU also seems to handle the 6 x 4TB Seagate NAS drives without any issues. NAS4Free runs off USB directly on the motherboard.

Here is a download link for the most recent BIOS 2011.08.26 (SP54622). Requires a dropbox account.

Edit 2017/04/25: BIOS link updated.