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OpenStack: Unable to access the floating IP

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

So as part of my foray into OpenStack I had allocated floating IPs, but had never actually tested that I could access services on them, until recently. I spent quite a bit of time delving into the router config, looking at iptables rules and tracing packets with tcpdump all in vain. Before you get in deep and dirty first check your default security group rules. It turned out to be my problem and was really easy to fix.  I was using OpenStack Kilo on CentOS 7 with Neutron Networking. selinux and iptables where enabled.

The default security group does not allow ingress traffic to pass by default. You can change that in the dashboard: Compute > Access & Security > Security Groups > select default > Manage Rules. Here you can add ICMP and other inbound mappings likes SSH and HTTP.

This CLI example allows ICMP and SSH

neutron security-group-rule-create –protocol icmp –direction ingress –remote-ip-prefix default

neutron security-group-rule-create –protocol tcp –port-range-min 22 –port-range-max 22 –direction ingress –remote-ip-prefix default

If this isn’t your problem then you can start checking your router config and iptables. Two really good guides I used were:

OpenStack: Fix “Missing” External IPs in Neutron and The Quantum L3 router and floating IPs  (References quantum, but still applies to Neutron)

This also provided a nice overview of floating IPs, but uses Nova Networking: Configuring Floating IP addresses for Networking in OpenStack Public and Private Clouds