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Fun In The Sun

Friday, October 26th, 2007

We drove up to Mossel bay on Wednesday for a nice long weekend. On the way here we stopped at Rooiberg for some wine tasting. We also hit a small speedbump in Robertson called Klipdrift. I have been wanting to stop at the distillery for a while now and we had some time to kill. I was really impressed with the setup and the guy who presented the tasting was really nice. I bought a bottle of Klipdrift Gold (yum). They do regular tours of the distillery to demonstrate the production process, so we will have to pop in again sometime 🙂

Yesterday we drove out to Wilderness for lunch at Pomodoro. I had a lovely bacon and Gorgonzola pasta and a bit of a tan outside in the sun. I also managed to find some honey comb which I have been craving for about 3 years now but have been unable to find (horaay!).

Today we woke up to a windless summer day. After a bit of shopping for this evenings braai we went down to the water park on Diaz beach. We spent about an hour on all the rides and had heaps of fun. After that we went to go and chill in the Jacuzzi and took a long swim in the heated indoor pool.

Being on holiday rocks!