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Back to the Blog Stone!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Welcome back! Yes it has been a while. The run-up to Henriëttes’ departure to the UK consumed a lot of time and the aftermath was spent getting back on track with all the “little things” that had been left undone. We are now the proud owners of two Sphynx cats (we adopted Henriëttes’ babies). They are more than a handful, but they come with an endless supply of cute, so It is futile to get to worked up when they are naughty. Ciara made it onto Die Burger’s website in their photo competition in April. I was quite pleased with myself, they had received over 2000 entries in the first few days and they only posted about 6-8 each day.

I got a nice new Dell Latitude D820 notebook which I am very happy with. I have already had the opportunity to test the next business on-site support and found that Dell were true to their word. My DVD/RW drive started burning coasters. So I mailed them the Saturday, received a reply with a case number on Sunday (remember my warranty is only business days). Monday morning 8:05 I received a call from Dell to confirm where they should courier the drive to. Tuesday morning
8:10 the courier was standing in the reception area with my replacement drive. What an absolute pleasure! So yes buy Dell! They also have a multi-cover option which includes accidental damage and theft, which for me worked out way cheaper than insuring it with my insurer!

We had some good weekends with Donovan and Laurel in Barrydale. They have a really nice wine cellar in the town, I especially enjoyed their pot still 5 year old brandy. We also made a trip up to Mossel Bay to visit Henriëttes’ folks. I got up early one morning and took a walk on the beach. I managed to take some nice pictures.

Good friends of mine Derek and Meg got engaged (about time – who am I to talk). Congratulations, we are looking forward to the wedding day!

Leon (who has been more diligent at maintaining his blog than I) and I spent an afternoon walking around in the Intaka wetlands situated next to Canal Walk (sadly they don’t seem to have their own website). I never realised how big it was! It is literally teaming with bird life, so I can highly recommend that everyone goes to see it. The only thing that is a bit of a joke is that they claim to be an award winning wetland stretching 16 hectares. However the whole Century City area was a massive NATURAL wetland before they drained most of it and started construction. So while you may be doing your bit for the environment you are still hypocrites.

I have a heap of picture to sort and upload so keep an eye out in the coming weeks.