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Anon, good nurse!

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

We went to Maynardville Open-Air Theatre on Tuesday to see the production of Romeo and Juliet. We met up with Leon, Sylvia, Wicus, Margie and Stephan before the show for a picknick. Leon talked me into trying some sushi, which was actually pretty good ๐Ÿ˜ฏ. I let them all taste some 99% Lindt, with mixed reactions. LOL. The play was excellent, I did however find myself briefly napping through short bits of it (I blame it on jet lag and lack of sleep).

The first few days of work have been a little disorientating (after a 5 week break) but I’m getting back into the swing of things.

Last night we caught our first glimpse of comet McNaught. What a stunning sight. I called Leon and he was taking pictures out at Big Bay. I’m hoping to catch some pictures myself if the weather clears (yes the rain they have been predicting since Monday finally arrived).

I just updated my WordPress to 2.0.7. It seems there was a rather nasty security flaw and a number of high profile blogs got hacked (fun fun fun).

Oh yes and they have also announced rolling blackouts for the whole of South Africa (grrrr).

Back to the grind stone

Sunday, January 14th, 2007

So its been a wild two days back at home. Saturday we picked up Rob and Henriette from the airport and dropped them at home where I had left my one car. It sounded a bit funny when I started it, after being left standing for a month, but I took it for a bit of a drive and everything is fine again. The rest of Saturday was spent doing washing and sorting out the flat. We also had to do some shopping for food etc. The cats still love us, they did actually appear to be happy to see us and have been very attention seeking.

We opened the wedding presents last night. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful gifts; they are really appreciated. The new kettle came just in time as the old one started leaking again.

Today we went to my parents house for a braai with Salome’s family. We showed them all the pictures we had taken and gave them the presents we had bought for them on the trip.ร‚ย 

I intend to go back and update the posts I made while touring Europe. It will be mostly to fix the formatting introduced by the email client on my phone and to clean up spelling errors. I will however also add more detail if I remember something entertaining and some links to places of interest.

Tomorrow is back to work after 5 weeks of holiday!

Home sweet home

Friday, January 12th, 2007

We are back! Flights were uneventful (thank goodness) we did however manage to get squeezed in between two screaming kiddies on our first flight. Salomรƒยฉ also had some problems equalizing on the decent which was rather unpleasant.

Customs let us pass straight through, horaay!

The duty free rip-off

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

I just took a quick walk through the Virgin store. All the items that have =
been marked down in their normal stores are being sold at the full price =
(minus the tax of course). I did spot one item that was cheaper, but on the =
whole it doesn’t seem worth shopping at duty free stores.

London Sightseeing – Part 2

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

Wednesday we spent the morning doing washing and then went to the British =
museum. They have a really excellent Egiptian exibition and we also got to =
see the Rosetta Stone. We then met up with Rob, Henriette and surprise, =
surprise Ryan. We the went to see Sir Sloan’s house. It is an eclectic mix =
of artifacts and antiques. We ended the afternoon with high tea at the =

After a quick stop at Virgin mega store it was back home for dinner.

Thursday it was up early to do some last minuet shopping. We went to =
Harrods, which after shopping ar KaDaWe was more of the same. We then =
popped in at ?Summerfield?. They had a much better electronics section than =
Harrods. Then we went looking for La Senza, the girls managed to find =
something nice :)=20

Back to the appartment for lunch and final packing. The tube ride to =
Heathrow was mildly entertaining when there was a bit of name calling =
between some idiot, who insisted on playing his (c)rap music on the train, =
and some other idiots on one of the platforms.=20

Check in was a breeze. Once again we were overweight (must be all the =
chocoate) but they didn’t give us any grief. Security was a mission. They =
scanned my bag, jacket and my shoes. Salom=C3=A9 got frisked (by a woman). =
It took about 30-40 minutes to get through security. We took a quick walk =
through the duty free shops, but there was nothing interesting.

We are now waiting for our boarding call.

So this is the end of a stunning holiday, which is rather sad. I am however =
missing the comforts of home and my cats ๐Ÿ™‚

London sightseeing

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Tuesday we visited the National Gallery and the Tate Modern. The Tate =
Modern was very interesting. They had huge slides ranging from the first to =
the fith floor that you can ride for free. They also had all sorts of =
interactive things for you to do. Their audio guides were also the most =
advanced I have seen. They were Pocket PCs with a map of the museum and =
when you brought up the item it would show you the picture as well. Very =
cool! The modern art made mixed impressions on me, some of it was just =
stupid; a 5m x 5m canvas painted grey. Other things like flags made from =
sand in glass containers interconnected with tubes and then filled with =
ants was very original.

We then headed to our self catering unit in Earl’s Court, which was just an =
absolute pleasure after some of the hotels we’ve stayed in.

In the evening we went to Bond Street to meet some friends for dinner at a =
realy nice Italian restaurant. The food was excellent, pity the is no such =
thing as smoking and non smoking, but aparently that will be changing in =

Nico and Chantelle joined us as well which was great as the arrangements =
were very last minute. It was good to catch up on what everyone had been up =

I think I’m starting to get the hang of the London tube system. Navigating =
the Metro’s and Trams in Europe has helped ๐Ÿ™‚

London shopping

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

We arrived at our hotel in London late in the afternoon. After dinner we =
met the Contiki group downstairs and said our final goodbyes. Then it was =
time for some DVD shopping at Virgin and HMV. I got some cool stuff for =
myself and picked up some presents as well.

Tomorrow we move a self catering appartment in Earl’s Court and then it =
will be more shopping and sight seeing.

Back in the UK

Monday, January 8th, 2007

We have just passed through Dover and are on the way to London. It is wet =
and grey.

Oh I forgot to mention. I touched a computer for the first time in almost a =
month yesterday. I helped Kirsten copy some files onto Jonnies laptop. Best =
of all it was in Hungarian!

Amsterdam, Holland

Monday, January 8th, 2007

We arrived in a rainy Amsterdam late in the afternoon on Saturday and went =
to a cheese and clog shop wher they showed us how to make cheese and (drum =
roll) clogs. The clog making process was quite interesting. All the tools =
looked very primitive but each performed its task well. We also got our =
first taste of stroopwafels. It’s almost like a compressed waffel with =
syrup in the middle (yum).

Then it was checkin and dinner. After dinner some of the group went into =
Amsterdam for the night. We opted to spend the evening at hotel as a live =
sex show was not high on the list of things to see.

Sunday we went to see the Anne Frank and van Gogh museums. Both were very =
good. The tram system in Amsterdam is very cool, but confusing. Their map =
could be better. After sightseeing we walked up the main shopping streets. =
I tried out poffertes (tiny pancakes) and frites (their version of deep =
fried chips) both were excellent. It rained in the afternoon. This was =
actually the first time we had rain while sightseeing on the entire trip. =

Later in the evening we went on a canal cruise, which was lots of fun. We =
tought some of the Aussies how to play wargames. I had a chat with the bar =
lady in Afrikaans while she spoke dutch to me. We could understand each =
other reasonably well :)=20

After the cruise it was back to the hotel. We had a few drinks in the bar. =
I introduced Springbokkies to the Aussies (it was actually on the shooter =
list!). Interestingly they have a mango flavored Malibu.

Today we are making our way back to London.

Hamburg, Germany

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Friday we stopped off in Hamburg central at about 1pm and had 4 hours to do =
some sightseeing and shopping. We walked down to the Rathaus, passing the =
largest electronic store (Saturn) in Europe on the way there. We then set =
off for the Hamburg dungeon.

This was heaps of fun, the whole show was in german, but some of the actors =
repeated things in English and all the visual material was subtitled. I got =
tried by the Inqusition for dancing around a Nunnery naked (LOL). By the =
time we got out of the dungeon we had just about enough time to get back to =
the bus. We did however manage to buy some beers on the way to the pickup =
point. We also got a Mezzo Mix, which is Coke and Fanta mixed. It actually =
tastes pretty good.

We then checked into the hotel and headed for dinner (no hamburgers were =
served ;). After dinner it was up to the room for beer and cards (and =
chocolate). Lindsy joined us. Henri=C3=ABtte stuck a match into a block of =
cocolate as a birthday cake, After a few rounds Lindsy went to get =
something from her room and just as we were getting worried that something =
was wrong she appeared with a silver platter containing desserts and =
sparkles. I was totally blown away! So the night ended off on a good note =
and we all had lots of fun.

We had frikkadel (hamburgers) as part of the breakfast spread this morning. =
So now I can say I ate a hamburger in hamburg ๐Ÿ™‚

We are on the road to Amsterdam.