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HDTV (Highly Disappointing Television)

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

I went to the Sony South Africa Promotion at V&A Waterfront on Saturday. I have been keen to see what the hype is about High Definition (HD) technology and I like Sony’s products. Unfortunately it seems that either I was expecting to much or the hype of HD and Blu-Ray is, just that hype. There were a number of large LCD HD TV’s on display. Some were even displaying teasers driven by Blu-Ray. Standing 1m from any of these TV’s you could easily spot grainy-ness in background objects like cliffs. Even when applying a more realistic 4-5m viewing distance you could still see blocks and grain in a lot of the scenes. Yes this is still way better than what we were watching 5 years ago but this is not really what I was expecting at all. I was sold on the concept of clear, crisp immaculate imagery.

I got a chance to pick up their new DSLR-A100. I couldn’t really play with it so I can’t really comment on it, except on the weight and feel. The display model with a flash attachment on it seems to weigh about the same as my boss’s Nikon D70 which in my opinion is rather heavy. It does however have a nice solid feel to it. The Canon 350D is still my choice in SLR, and the new 400D is looking very hot! What I did think was very cool is the new HDD Hanycams with built in hard drives. Finally! I don’t know who would bother with the Mini-DVD cameras when they can only hold 30min of footage on a single sided disk? For the console junkies they also had PlayStation 3’s on display but you could not actually play any games on them (what may I ask was the point then?). Sadly none of the phones were on display so I could not get my hands on a P990. Which is top of my list of upgrade options in the new year.

iPod Camera Connector

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

I very recently acquired a iPod Camera Connector for the purpose of storing the pictures I take while in Europe. I tested it yesterday and while not being as quick as copying from my camera to the laptop it works very well. My iPod has a nice slide show feature and you can even select a music to play while watching pictures scroll by. This is a great piece of tech, it’s small, easy to use and the best of all works as described!

PS. There is a Contiki link on the right detailing the dates and locations we will be at during our tour through Europe.

Panzer Beats – Feeback

Sunday, November 12th, 2006

What a heap of fun. I suddenly realised how much I miss DJing. Disappointing turn out, but not really surprising given the current state of the scene and the general apathy of some. It would appear I have been royally slagged by Siddis on DarkSide for my choice of music and having a monster ego. While not naming any names, it’s fairly obvious who “synthbot” alludes to. Apologies for providing some variety Sid. I was not under the impression that this was a ever exclusively a noise party.


Saturday, November 4th, 2006

It’s official, we are getting married on 9 December 2006! It all started with a humours discussion about eloping while in Europe. My suggestion of hiring some hot Swedish blondes as brides maids and having the wedding in their native country was vetoed, but then we got serious and decided that it would be really cool to have a European honeymoon. So after consulting with our wedding planner things got rolling at a rapid pace. The bulk of the arrangements were made in two days (wow). We kept the decision top secret and made arrangements to pop by for a quick visit to all the people we were inviting only to surprise them with a wedding invitation :). We took pictures too (this was noted as being unusual by some).

We are both very excited, and really have our work cut out for us to fit in a wedding and the final arrangements for our Europe trip in a mere month and a bit (fun, fun, fun!). Speaking of which, we got our final itinerary last  Saturday, so we can start planning what we want to see at each destination. I will be posting the dates and destinations once I get a chance to type it up.

Panzer Beats

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

My first DJ gig for the year (and probably the last too) will be at Gotham on Friday 10th of November. It’s a tribute to Johann Collins, who took his own life on 25 October 2005. Alphamanbeast will be here for the occasion. I’m in a bit of an old school mood so I think I will be squeezing in some industrial classics here and there. I’ve also got some new tunes that need to be cranked on a big system 🙂

You can check out the flyer and read up on the buzz at DarkSide.