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Catch-up (oh and InCite still suck!)

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006

Its been a busy few weeks. InCite redeemed themselves and then managed to annoy me again. I don’t have the time for that fight just yet, but it’s coming, be sure of that. They admitted an error in my July account, but have not commented on numerous queries with regards to my June account. I also requested and was promised a revised July account, which I have now also had to follow up on as I have yet to receive it. Their technical team did make a sterling effort to contact me with regards to my internet being down, which deserves some praise. They also sent out a circular (bcc-ed) to say accounts would now be hard-capped at 250MB, which I still need to test 😛 . Incompetent idiots the lot of you!

I have been taking lots of pictures. I burned my first DVD of photos just last week. At some stage I want to select some of the best ones and have them printed. I’m rather paranoid about my photos being in digital format. I burned a second copy which I am storing at work (ala off-site backup). The problem is however that optical media degrades (I have yet to read the entire article) but the short of it is that it really depends on the brand and the “ingredients” used to to produce it, but it should last you a while if you look after it.

Terrible news: Our landlord wants to sell the flat. I now have to deal with one of my pet hates: Estate Agents – aargh! We got the whole “we’ll sell the flat with you in it” story, but I just don’t believe it.

When I have some time I will post some new photos and some additional news. Ah! In two months from now I will be in Europe on Contiki!