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Top tips for the “okes” who hide behind little bushes

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Fairly uneventful week, only interesting news was that my fiancée’s mother got a ticket for skipping a red light. The only problem was that even though the number plate matches hers its not her car! She has now been to the Goodwood traffic department three times, and each time she gets turned away because no one there can help her. On the last occasion she was there she asked to speak to the chief, but surprise surprise he was nowhere to be found. They also do not have the technology at the traffic department to view the offence, talk about incompetence. She has now been told to come back on Monday.

I managed to get a print-out of the offence from, so hopefully armed with this piece of information, a picture of her car and the license registration she will be able to clear her name. What do you think will happen with the real offender? My guess is nothing, and the next time he/she jumps a read light it will be the same run-around again.

This is not an uncommon occurrence in South Africa, and the traffic department is well aware of it. Yet they don’t appear to be making any changes to their system to address the problem. Surely if they can lookup your license plate number to find your address, they can easily compare the make and colour of your car to that of the photo. Any discrepancies can then be flagged for review by a living being, who at that point can hopefully make an intelligent decision and at the same time flag the car and false number plate into a database which can be used at road blocks.

It appears to me that the traffic department is spending a lot of money trying to catch you in the act, but they are not making the most of the technology at hand. Surely they should be able to see the immediate benefits of minimising mistakes resulting in a more efficient ticketing system. If they are vigilant about keeping track of vehicles with false plates, and use it along with their number plate recognition technology found at many road blocks, the cash should come rolling in.

I think I should send them a bill for this top piece of consulting 😉

Fingers, Flowers and Food

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

I went to the doctor on Friday to have my ring finger checked out. I hurt it about two months ago playing action cricket. It was swollen and sore for about a week, but I kinda forgot about it after that, but about 3 weeks ago I started to notice that it was still tender and slightly swollen. So it was off to the doctor for me, who sent me off to have X-Rays taken. The verdict sounds a bit uncertain to me, but it looks like I may have cracked something but it has already started to heal. So I’m now on anti-inflammatorys’ for 10 days and depending on if it gets better or not I may have to go to a specialist . 🙁

We went to see Thank you for smoking on Tuesday, it was a very good movie. The dialogue was sharp and snappy and left you with something to chew on. I found it interesting that not a single cigarette was smoked in the entire film (as far as I can remember anyway). We had dinner at Kauai before the show. I must say I have been a bit wary of eating there in the past because health foods always appear to consist of really vile combos. I have now had a spicy chicken wrap and a burger (more of a sandwich really) with yellow curry and sprouts (amongst other ingredients) and I really enjoyed both. I also found a smoothie I can stomach, It ‘s called the “C Monster”. It’s probably the only smoothie that does not contain Banana as the base. I have nothing against Banana, but ordering a Berry smoothie that tastes like Banana defeats the purpose.

We went to the West Coast National Park with Laurel and Donovan on Wednesday to go and see the flowers. It’s about 1 hour from Cape Town on the R27. There is a section called Postberg which they only open in flower season. I got to take my first pictures with my new camera. I was really impressed with the results. There were also some wild life to be spotted. We rescued a tortoise trying to cross the road. We did not see any honey badgers who also call the park their home. They were probably trying to get as far away as possible from all the impatient people in their 4×4’s driving over the flowers rather than waiting 2 min for another car to pass. People also seem quite happy to run to the centre of a field full of flowers to pose for pictures .

Wednesday was also Rob’s 32nd birthday. We were fortunate enough to join him a the Quaterdeck for dinner. Buffets and I are dangerous combo’s but I paced myself well up until the deserts 🙂

I have posted some my pictures in my gallery. I’ve made it private, but friends and family are welcome to sign up and I’ll active your account.

Smell that?

Sunday, August 6th, 2006

The house warming went down well. Everyone had lots of fun and we even got some presents 🙂 There was lots of food. My brother braaied a yellow tail, which was tasty. Leons’ girlfriend made us the most delicious Glühwein.

Leon woke up to find some stranger in his house doing some illicit morning shopping. He (They?) made off with his camera and his girfriends’ laptop with all her research work on . We had a lengthy chat about crime in general, and everyone has been affected by it in one way or the other.

But hey, we have nothing to worry about with such fearless leaders as minister of safety and security, Charles Nqakula, who just two months ago, while addressing the national assembly said there was nothing strange about the levels of crime in our country and suggested that those who had a problem with it could complain until they “were blue in the face” or leave the country. Suddenly a mere two months later he is launching an amazing new plan to fight crime, which is a lot of the same old promises and putting fat part of the responsibility on the public to report crime. You, sir, are an idiot!

We went to go and see Ultra Violet and Pirates of the Caribbean on Friday. Milla Jovovich is a babe, pity the movie sucked. There were some cool elements but the gravity defying bike scenes and bad CGI just sunk the whole movie. The sound also died on us towards the end of the movie, leaving just the front speakers operational. Needless to day Sterkinekor, like their website of late, were utterly useless. They could not find a person of “authority” to take my complaint and reimburse me. So I had to write my details on a piece of paper, with the promise that “someone” would call me on Saturday. Think I got that call yet?

Anyway so it was off to Seattle Coffee Co. for some hot chocolate and a pecan nut pie while we waited for Pirates of the Caribbean. It was 100% pure entertainment and Johnny Depp was brilliant as always. Keira Knightley can also be filed under hottie in my book.

Saturday we popped off to the shops. I was exceptionally impressed, while at Cape Union Mart, as the assistant placed the credit card receipt on the counter for me to sign I received an SMS to say the transaction had been processed (my copy of the receipt was still printing at the time!). Technology rocks!

Saturday afternoon it was off the the folks for dinner and a sleep over. We watched a few episodes of Bones, which I though was pretty cool. We went for a quick walk on Sunday morning, which went past the sight where a whale had washed ashore and, more recently, been set alight. I was expecting a white rib cage lying on the rocks. Instead it was just a smouldering pile of ash, with a reek that only seriously enterprising (read shady) fish ‘n’ chips shop owners could match.

My boss is back on Monday, which means I should have my camera shortly. I can’t wait!